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CADETS Coloured Belts and Black Belts


Cadets ( 12 years age and under ) events will be on Sunday 12th JULY. 8 Rings will be in operation.

Weigh in and Registration


Initial Weigh in and Registration is on Thursday at the Sports centre upstairs in the conference room from10.00am till 9pm. (Thursday will save you time instead of Sunday early morning).


However if you are unable to make it on Thursday CADETS can Height test on the day of the Event Sunday at 8.15am - 9.00am only. But if you Cannot make your Height you will be disqualified for the Sparring section.


You will receive your Registration ID Card which will allow participation and entrance for the World Championships when you weigh in on Thursday or Sunday only. 






Separate Divisions for Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black Belts.

Boys and Girls Separate Divisions



Upto to 7th Kup Grade.

Choice upto Do San.



6th Kup to 5th Kup Grades.

Choice Tuls upto Yul Gok.



4th Kup to 3rd Kup.

Choice upto Tae Gae



2nd Kup to 1st Kup

Choice upto Chung Mu



Choice upto Gae Baek






Boys and Girls Separate Categories.


Yellow / Green Belt Division

Blue / Red Division

Black Belts Division


<120 cms Height

<140 cms Height

<160 cms Height

>160 cms Height


Sparring as per ITF Rules.

Approved Safety Equipment must be used.

Hand, Foot, Shin, Groin and Head Guard.

ITF Rules:- Optional Shin and Head Guard.


We recommend use all the Safety Equipment.



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